FuelingYou for the Super Bowl!

Are you  looking forward to the big game this Sunday against the Mighty Denver Bronco's and the Baltimore Ravens?

 Whether you are watching the Super Bowl or just enjoying the fun commercials,   Here are a few tips to help enjoy your upcoming Sunday.

1. Before the game:  Go outside and run, walk, play touch football with friends, or enjoy any outside activity that lets you get some fun physical activity in -  It helps stimulate your metabolism, so you can enjoy snacks and noshes during the game, and you feel so much better than just sitting for hours stuffing yourself!

2. Enjoy responsibly-  You don't have to drink to have a good time.  or if you feel like you  do limit yourself to a couple of beers-  *no need to toss out all the hard work you have put in to eat good quality food, and exercise, and your going to feel better after the game!!  and if you feel like you over imbibe  it is ok to ask for help  

3) Eat nutrient dense snacks and meals- or make your own-   If you are stuck on what to do, I have included some awesome recipes for you to enjoy.  (Remember there are 4 quarters you want to nibble your way through the game-   Remember to eat until you are satisfied, not until you are full!   Click here for Super Bowl Recipes & let me know which one's are your favorites!!!

4)  If you  still want to start eating and feeling better-  then it is time to contact FuelingYou for your initial assessment-  Are you motivated by working in a small group or team??   Then bring YOUR family OR team  and get special discount pricing -    (See FuelingYou's blog on Nutritional Periodization for nutritional team training for groups of 6 or more,  Family discounts for   4 or more  members).

Enjoy your FuelingYou Snacks, and Go Bronco's!!


photo credits:    Broncos/ Ravins:    TheMileHighReport.com
 Tasty Taquito's- Tamra Engle
Super Bowl Recipes:
Link to FuelingYou's Nutritional Periodization blog: http://bethegarden.blogspot.com/2016/02/fuelingyou-nutritional-periodization.html

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