FuelingYou Nutritional Periodization

When do you need FuelingYou Nutrition  as an essential part of your training plan?

Have you planned your upcoming season? or do you have a couple key events you plan to  build around?
Are you just starting to work out again? or a crusty road dog?

Were you hoping to improve your running time  or qualify for your favorite race this year?
Will you   participate  in  longer distance multi-sport race, or a bike tour, or other outdoor adventures?

Whether you are participating on a local team or compete as a weekend warrior "lone ranger"
Nutritional Periodization  is one component that  you can add to your tool kit that helps you with the proper amount and timing of the various fuels, like carbohydrates, proteins, fats your body needs to power your bodies "engine".  

If you are racing as part of a local club team,
and you each want to save $$.
Then bring your team of six people or more and receive club discount pricing!  Each team member will receive their own customized nutritional  periodization plan following their private initial consultation which includes, reviewing their upcoming race schedule,  review the individuals current  routine, medical history, and  existing fueling plan, and upcoming training schedule.

NUTRITIONAL FUELING will help each individual  with tips,  nutrient dense recipes and snacks that will provide you the critical support you need to maintain your blood sugar, optimize protein for lean muscle mass, Immune system support, and recovery. Then, build strength, power, and  focus when you need it during training, and race day.

Following your FuelingYou Initial Consultation Your Nutritional periodization will be broken down into  4  seasonal area's as you need them.

Base / Foundation Phase:   Establishing aerobic ground work,  workouts are typically long and low intensity- which will put a bigger demand on your Carbohydrate and Fat requirements.

Build /Preperation Phase:   Developing your lactate threshold,  higher intensity work outs, your body will require additional carbohydrates, and protein, with high quality fats based upon your sport requirements.

Race/Peak Phase: This is the most difficult phase of training, while developing power, strength, and speed, un-neccessary fat is kept to a minimum, as well as utilizing nutritional intervention to help facilitate recovery necessary to support additional training volume.

Recovery / Rebuilding Phase:
  Between events, and end of season transitions help facilitate focus,  total calorie demand is reduced during this time, with a higher focus on plant based proteins for recovery and muscle building.

Each periodization phase includes individualized nutrient /  hydration strategies and mental training tips to provide you with regularly scheduled check in's  recipes, snacks, and support throughout your season.

Enjoy this Recipe for Recovery Quinoa Soup that you'll love as a meal or post work out snack:

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