Here we grow!

Living life is like gardening...

You lovingly plant seeds, add some love, water, and light, and poof! Sprouts, plants, roots appear....
To keep your garden growing you must also periodically clear out weeds, and battle varmits from time to time.
There comes a point that to grow your garden to feed even more people  you simply need a bigger garden space.

What is the worst kept secret?

This is a super exciting time- FuelingYou is GROWING- In what is probably the worst kept secret - We are saying goodbye to our home base of California and permanently migrating to beautiful  Ft. Collins Colorado the end of June!

What does Colorado  mean for FuelingYou customers?

1) You gain access to even more FuelingYou benefits:
Meet Nina Patterson PT   Performance Physical Therapist, Mechanical Engineer,  strength  conditioning, and more!!
2) We can help with / Nutrition / Performance training and rehab. / Mental and Spiritual development.
3) Scheduled  check in's- Keep you motivated, and help you overcome challenges
4) Private access to  nutritious and delicious recipes, tips, and home remedies.
5) Private shopping tours / cooking classes (customized for your specific requirements).


 You can NOW schedule a FuelingYou retreat for you or your team in the Mountains!!!


If you are a individual, coach or team- now is the time to schedule your Annual Performance  baseline exam(PBE).  Just like your annual check in with your doctor or dentist.  We review your present lifestyle, medical,  and nutritional routine- to determine the quality of the fuel you are consuming in relation to the physical and mental performance demands.  From this point a program can be customized you help you safely reach your goals, help you with proper nutrition balance, and lower your grocery bill.

 Schedule your Annual Nutritional Performance Baseline exam HERE        providing you with baseline scores and recommended next steps for your Performance Nutrition. *California Residents Reserve LIMITED April/May  Nutritional Assessment appointments 

Get out of Pain and Out doing what you love!

Are you tired of having another year of Tennis elbow, runners knee, IT Band, Sore Back, or  (Fill in the blank)? 

 Meet Nina Patterson BSMe, MPT, OCS, CSCS  a Physical therapist,  mechanical engineer, Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist, and Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist.  

After more than 20 years as a therapist, Nina strongly believes that guiding people to achieve the physical results they desire requires much more than assessment, manual techniques, and exercise progression – Effective service requires human connection. 
Included in training, is the idea that client care starts at the first phone call and goes far beyond the last visit.

Nina currently enjoys running, cycling and tennis, teaching therapists across the nation advanced skills, and helping college, elite, professional, and Olympic athletes achieve ever-greater levels of performance.

Schedule your PT Assessment w/ Nina HERE

What do FuelingYou customers have to say?

 "Tamra is genuinely passionate about nutrition and improving the health of her clients, and her enthusiasm is inspiring. Her philosophy is rooted in simplicity — from choosing fresh, clean ingredients to making no-frills, yet delicious meals – which makes it easy for me to incorporate into my daily, hectic routine. She’s also incredibly accommodating and understands that every person has individual tastes, budgets and schedules. Hers is not a one-size-fits-all approach, and I appreciated the amount of time and care she has spent helping me learn better habits for me and my family. I’m so grateful!"
E. Greenfield

"Everyone who has ever had an ache or pain while training needs to call Nina ASAP!
She is a miracle worker! Nina is hard working, personable and knows how to fix your issues.
I have had hip problems for over a decade and thought I might never again run without pain.
After my first session with Nina, my mobility improved tremendously from the ART (Active Release Therapy). Nina put me on a program customized for what I needed. She did NOT schedule appointments just to schedule them, but rather built a plan based on my needs,  and my progress was amazing.  She explained exactly what the issues stemmed from-which was the first time in a decade someone explained 'why' I had the pain.- Due to the sessions with Nina I could train for the marathon  virtually pain free, and certainly harder than I had ever  in the past.
Recently, I ran in the Boston Marathon and broke my goal time by :20 minutes!*  I was so ecstatic, I lept to the finish!  I don't know what I would have done without Nina!"

- L.A. Coburn

* Readers: please note that :20 minutes after Ms. Coburn finished her race and she and her family left the finish area-  Unimaginably- Bombs exploded at the finish line of the 2013 Boston Marathon, which injured 280 total, and killed 5. Thankfully, The Coburn Family was not injured from the blast.

Tamra & Nina  really appreciate customers who "tell a friend"  You can read more customer testimonials at:

We are excited to help you feel great and take on life everyday with inspiration and in good health!




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