Do you really need a New Years cleanse?

I hope everyone is enjoying a beautiful winter,
and you are enjoying a spectacular New Year where ever you are!

If you are like many of us, you associate January with a time to "clean up your act", start working out, or eating better than you did last year, or just undoing the holiday feeding frenzies.

You see lots of promotions suggesting you do a  cleanse where you drink a recommended concoction to remove the harmful toxins, and strip away "......".
Even if you did just  "fall off the New Year wagon" You probably should start abstaining from the nightly glass of wine, or egg nog that will help a lot.

Is a cleanse right for you?

1) Doctors at Harvard University have shown cleanses and detoxing can cause spikes in blood sugar and cause digestive issues: often in cleanses the antioxidant filled  skins and body of fruits and veggies are discarded, which also removes fiber which is required for normal bodily function.

2) Cleanse and detox can be a fancy way to say starving yourself since you are limiting  the amount of food you need, as well as limiting you receiving essential vitamins and minerals from a variety of sources.   A healthful approach is to learn new ways to enjoy some of your favorites, and your body will respond much more favorably to healing, and maintaining a healthy environment

3) Cleanses have a set start and end date, specifically because they are hard to stick for long periods, and not sustainable for long periods of time. It can be extremely dangerous to jump between  binging/cleansing if you want to succeed in having long term sustainable success. - Being a Yo-yo is such a waste of your precious time you deserve to feel and be healthy all year long!

4) Does your day job require lots of physical activity?  Or if you are generating lots of brain power sitting behind the computer, and  only dream of getting some good quality outdoor activity?
Are you under a lot of external stressors?  Have you had any significant trauma's or life changes?  Then your body has already been highly stressed, and you are drained from the "emotional hangover" from these hits on your Psyche, Draining you further with a cleanse or detox is not going to make you feel better.... Putting good quality whole foods in healthful quantities in your system is a much better Fuel  to power, and heal your body.

If it makes more sense for you enjoy seasonal foods, and learn easy healthful ways to prepare your meals, snacks, in healthful quantities, while juggling your busy schedule- then connect with FuelingYou Nutrition.   We are here to help you make this the best year of your life!

Heres to you !

Fitness Nutrition Specialist
Founder of FuelingYou LLC