Halloween Treats & Spooky Food

Halloween is one of my favorite holiday's!  
It can be scary, exciting, surprising AND it is a holiday steeped in tradition.
 To Most families it is another holiday filled with free candy!     
To many households it is an unexpected nightmare!  When parents unknowingly allow their kids to load up on the the toxins the US candy companies pump into their special "halloween sized" treats. 

  Before you hand out your first fist-full of candy consider this:                                                                                                  

The Majority of food allergies are triggered by certain proteins in:
Treenuts (like walnuts, pecans)

Petroleum Based Neuro Toxic dyes- have been used as a food and candy additive in the US and Europe for decades. In 2010 the UK banned the use of all Petroleum Based Neuro Toxic dyes when they found it caused hyperactivity, and other neurological disorders in some children. The UK food industry now uses plant based dyes in their products. The FDA has had Petroleum Based Neuro Toxic Dyes listed as carcinogens that cause cancer and other lifestyle related ailments, and they still refuse to place warning labels on products, or  ban the use of Petroleum Based Neuro Toxic dyes in food and household products.(2)

Check your food labels for dyes
Give safe treats to your little goblins
Download FuelingYou.com's infographic Halloween Treat tips to help you learn more, and gift some awesome NON- food or SAFE food items this year.

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