Fueling Runners this Halloween!

                            Halloween is coming!

  Just because the days are shorter, and cooler doesn't mean you have to huddle inside!  

Try these 5 tips to keep you fierce and fresh during those chilly fall  morning  or evening runs.

  1. Hydration- according to exercise level.  As the weather cools runners often drink less than during hot summer months.   Your hydration needs do  change with the seasons, As the weather cools and drys out you can actually dehydrate faster than on a warm spring or summer day, whether through respiration, perspiration, urination, and even altitude changes-  If you are running for 1 hour or less- drink  16 oz room temperature water :30minutes prior to your run.   If your workout or exercise exceeds 1 hour then add electrolyte + carb beverage to your 16 oz beverage *I recommend NUUN or NUNN ENERGY             
  2. Wear layers: Sweat can reduce your body’s temperature, and when you temperature drops too low, your bodies heating system may be working overtime to keep you warm, wear microfibers that wick moisture away from your body and help keep you dry, and comfortable.   If your are wet from sweat following your run, have a fresh dry shirt / sweats to change into.                        
  3. FuelingYou:  Training your gut, to accept fuel on longer training and race days is essential to your performance AND recovery.    If you are going out 1st thing in the morning- your last meal has probably been 10-12 hours before- you need to eat something to have some form of fuel in your system-  *If you skip, you are hindering your performance, and recovery. 
 If Running for 1 hour or less?  eat 1/2 a banana,  (eat the other 1/2 while stretching post run)  or try 2-3 fig bars pre-run.                                                                                                           Running for 2-4 hours?  Then take the time to get up an hour earlier, and eat 1/2- 3/4 c of cooked whole oats w/ 1/2 sliced banana on top and a teaspoon of honey -*This is a much better  nutritional and easier to digest fuel than a bagel smeared with nut butter!             

Take a rehydration beverage (1 bottle for each additional hour, and remember beer and wine post race do not count!)-                 

  Or wrap 3 oz of chicken or turkey meat with some avocado wrapped in a tortilla  (use corn tortilla or Gluten Free wrap if you are sensitive to wheat products).
  1. Recovery:  Studies have shown that eating a combo of carbs and proteins help facilitate nerve, tissue repair, and regeneration    Go eat within :30 minutes of your workout   (see options below)  Drink a Nuun carb beverage while your stretch-  (post run stretching helps prevent injuries!!)
  2.  Call a friend and invite them outside to run-  You don't have to worry about your "key work-out"  or what zone your heart rate is supposed to be in or even if you slow to walk....   Leave the monitor at home, and go play!  Enjoy the beauty of a sunrise or sunset with a friend-  Before or after your day at the office- It will help your focus, productivity, and make you smile hanging with a friend! 
Recipe ideas:
Whole oats (that you buy in the bulk bin) *You can also have a bowl of Cooked Quinoa, Amaranth, or Brown Rice.  The recipe assumes you have uncooked whole oats
 1/2-3/4 cup oats (or your re-heated cooked grains)  and cook oats w/ boiling water until they are a consistency that you like then + 1 handful of dried unsalted cranberries,  1 handful of unsalted almonds, 1 handful of unsalted walnut pieces  1 tsp of Honey  (measure the amount of honey to control the amount of natural sugar you consume, avoid refined cane sugars, or artificial sweeteners which have NO nutritional value).

Breakfast burrito:  diced sweet potatoes and onions sauteed  + scrambled eggs and your favorite salsa  and wrap in a tortilla / or Gluten Free wrap for a yummy hot portable meal  (you can also make several for the week, wrap the wraps in plastic wrap and put them in the freezer- you can take out a frozen burrito and heat it in the microwave while you take a nice post workout shower!
Waffle sandwich You can use Van’s frozen  Gluten Free waffles to make your own breakfast sandwich using  scrambled egg, lunch meat (or cooked bacon) and a 1/4 avocado for a yummy  alternate to your breakfast burrito filled with healthy fats, protein, and carbs!

Need a yummy fall lunch or dinner option during your busy work week?   
Recipe courtesy of Sunset Magazine :  Kale Salad w/ Red Quinoa Fennel and Carrots  : http://www.myrecipes.com/recipe/kale-salad-red-quinoa-fennel-carrots

Additional Reading on Post Exercise recovery: http://www.todaysdietitian.com/newarchives/110413p18.shtml

Has your training topped out?  Are you tired of nagging injuries?  Let FuelingYou.com help your season be your best one ever!  Offering Fitness Nutrition, Physio-Therapy, Strength and Conditioning, and Mental Training for individuals coaches, teams, and families.

Happy Halloween!

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