SuperBowl- Food Teams

I was blown away watching the NFL playoffs, not because of the game, but the unbelievable number of advertisements highlighting medications you can take to reduce your acid reflux, stomach upset, depression, low energy.

Instead of spending money on pharmaceutical drugs that only mask NOT resolve the problem, How about saving some time and money and learn how to feel great?

What is on your plate?

The combination and timing of foods we digest can have a huge impact on how we feel, and our overall health!

Our body is a miraculous independently moving eco-system.  We each require balance or Homoeostasis to flourish and thrive. External factors such as heat, energy expenditure, stress, and everything we put into our mouths effects the balance our “eco-system”.

Traditional American meal:

Let’s look at a “Typical” American Breakfast- Eggs, hash browns, toast w/ butter, jam or honey & bacon

By eating proteins, our meats and eggs,  in combination with carbohydrates, the starchy foods like- potatoes, white or brown rice, pasta, bread, cereals, or sweets Your body will struggle with digesting your food effectively, In some instances depending upon what we have eaten, work hard to help you store that food as FAT.  How do you know this has happened?  The result may leave you feeling like taking a nap, or rubbing your swollen bloated feeling belly an hour or two after lunch.

What Happens:

When we consume proteins like meat, fish and  eggs, our stomach’s release hydrochloric acid to break down the protein creating an acidic internal environment.

When we consume Carbohydrates and sweets these are primarily processed when they arrive in our small intestine,
The small intestine creates a high alkaline environment which signals to the stomach to stop producing acid.
Let’s face it we are very busy people, who love good food but, we are typically frantically running around all day staring at a small device in the palm of our hand, being stressed out, and checked out.
As the food churns in your tummy, you may notice that sleepy post meal feeling you have?  That is the time you feel like you need a little “Pick me up” perhaps this is when you go grab a coffee and a little something sweet?  That daily coffee and sweet can be one of the reasons you have "a little something extra" around the tummy and hips.

Food Pairing:

Enjoy Fresh natural food, and grow your own! *
Consume Proteins w/ fresh seasonal Non Starchy Vegetables-
At your local farmers market enjoy:

Green Leafy Vegetables- Kale, Collard Greens, Spinach
Asparagus, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Carrots, Bok Choy, Zucchini, Cucumber, Beet.

 Foods that have used antibiotics (i.e.: non organic meat, dairy products), Processed foods- If it has a label or is in a box it has added salt or sugar, and has had most of it’s nutrients removed, it is not a choice when Fueling You.

Healthier Alternatives:

If you are ready to feel better this year?   FuelingYou can show you how!


Here are a couple of yummy recipes that you can try at your own  FuelingYou “SuperBowl” Party!  Start your own Traditions!

Sweet Potatoe Skins:  (Instead of bagged chips)

Holy Broc-o-mole- (serve with veggie pieces like carrot, cauliflower, celery, Jimica.

References:  I encourage you to read the reference articles to learn more about food pairing:

Learn how to grow your own food!:

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