Avoid the Holiday Creep!

It is Holiday party season!
The time of year we run from one event to the next- Holiday tables are filled with baked sweets, (Oh I'll have just one more of those!) Seasonal cocktails (doesn't that look tasty)
and who doesn't love the buffet of dips, cheeses, and dishes that keep us anchored to the buffet table so we can graze freely as we chat with everyone!

This is also the time for the Holiday Creep!  I am not talking about the guy in accounting who after 3 glasses of champagne is following you around with the mistletoe in his hand, but the the pounds that can creep on you from enjoying one too many cheese blintzes, or too many cups of holiday cheer.

 Here are a few tips to help you avoid the "Holiday Creep" and still look slamming in that new outfit!

1. Don't  stand next to the buffet table-    take a small plate with a couple of bites on it and walk away from the snack table.  Free grazing is the easiest way to lose track of what, and how much you have consumed.

2. Alternate alcohol & N.A. beverages:  Unless you are the designated driver- Alternate enjoying a Alcoholic Beverage with a glass of sparkling or regular water. 1 serving of wine is 5 oz (1/2 a glass) and appx 150 calories- and the water helps to rehydrate you. Go ahead enjoy your water in your wine glass- This will help insure you feel as good as you look by not over indulging.   

3. Single helpings: Holiday meals are often served buffet style, encouraging multiple helpings of favorite dishes.  That doesn't mean you have to eat multiple plates full of food.
Enjoy a small portion, and sit your fork down between bites.  Being aware of how the food tastes, and thoughtfully chewing it will force you to slow down and not over eat.  Remember: eat until you are satisfied, NOT until you are full!

For more information on how you can maintain, or reclaim your nutritional fitness regardless where you live  you can download your own Holiday survival guide (see FuelingYou Holiday survival guide).
And skip the New Years resolutions,   Make feeling great an every day way of living!





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