The Halloween Challenge!


Halloween doesn't have to be a nutritional horror story!

Remember when we were kids? Finding the perfect costume,
Running door to door with the other kids... Each door knock, and ring of the bell would mean another lil wrapped treasure which was deposited in a growing bag of sugary goodies?

After returning home Mom would sort through the candy, deeming
the sorted pile "safe" for future consumption. For some reason every year, there  seemed to be a "problem" with 3-4 mini Snickers which she would confiscate.


This year, I am throwing down a "Halloween Challenge" to all my readers.
Don't worry, I am not going to ask you to dump buckets of ice water on your head!
I am going to "Challenge" your home to find something other  than candy to  give your lil Trick or treaters- * See more at: 

Talk to your neighbors-  Challenge them to be super scary and offer non candy treats!
This does not mean you have to spend more money, or worry you will have a revolt in your house- This is an opportunity for everyone to be creative and start your own healthy family traditions!  

Many families use this opportunity to "open the garage door" and invite the neighbors  over for a fall potluck - yard party, When your done, close the door and "Poof" they are gone!

MY KID WONT......(A family horror story)
Families often ask for me to help them with after school snack ideas.
One family has 4 kids, 2 of them swore they hated to eat fruit.  In this home  the kids ate packaged and processed foods on a daily basis, Things like Lunchables, and cheese and crackers. Most of these foods have added sugar and salt, A particular  favorite snack was "go-gurt" a squeeze in your mouth yogurt,  and cookies.  
The school age children had been exhibiting behavioral problems and some had early signs of excessive  weight gain, and had begun refusing to eat fruit and veggies.

I sent a list of ingredients to the Mom of this home to have on hand during my up coming visit. 
I scheduled a time to come to the home and prepare my "special snack" prior to the kids arriving home.

 Upon arriving home-  A 7yr old girl who swore she would not eat any fruit or veggies she walked into her kitchen and squeals when she see's...

 After the excitement of the initial presentation, little girl asked if she they could eat it!

This is a perfect opportunity to talk about different ways food can be enjoyed in your home!
 Halloween is a perfect "excuse" to be playful with how you serve up nutrition and fun.

Join the #HalloweenChallenge-  Just join us on Facebook and post your pics or video's of your Halloween treats using whole foods.  Join the community of cool creative houses that are having fun playing with food!

Some great Halloween food idea's:

Trick or Treat Handouts:
Oriental Trading Company-
BabyCarrot Snack Bags:
non allergen nuts:
Can you overdose on Halloween Candy (good reading)

Have fun with your Tricks and Treats!

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