WANTED 10 Motivated Competitors

Do you have a Active Lifestyle? 
 Casual or competitive...

Do you feel like you have low energy or poor performance?   At work or at play?

Does it feel like it takes longer to "get in shape"? 

Do you have a big event happening this year that you need to prepare for? 

Are you tired of feeling tired & unfocused? 

Get Motivated!!

Poor performance and low energy at work or play can be the result of you not getting enough of the proper fluids, calories, or vitamins and minerals.

You may (or may not) and have specific performance goals this year- 

Maybe you want to compete at a new distance?
You want to feel great during Golf & Tennis matches?  

If you are ready to improve your performance, focus and your energy?


 10 Motivated competitors

6 week Nutrition Camp

 (from anywhere you are!)

 You can meet privately with me- or connect be part of a team with  9 other competitors to share success and motivate each other on our Fueling You social network & outdoor adventures.- 

Members also gain access to a network of health & fitness professionals to help you achieve your goals-  

What happens?

  1.  Initial Assessment: We  meet to review your new client information assessment w/ medical history and 3 day diet log which you will complete during this week. This  valuable baseline information is where you are starting your program from.
  2. We review your New Client / Medical history and 3 day diet log, and a body composition analysis. and finish with a  nutritional lesson plan based upon your specific needs, It is FUN and yummy!
  3.  During this 3rd  meeting  you are provided with a dietary analysis from your client information package and 3 day log, We review and agree upon final goals and scheduling future check in’s and nutrition lessons, with valuable tools you can use keep your momentum going
  4. 4,5th meetings are check in meetings where we review progress, make adjustments,  discuss nutritional strategies that are educational fun, and include recipes, tips, and yummy rewards for all your hard work! 
 * (During meetings, we can meet in the privacy of your home, or MOVE while we walk and talk at a fun bay area location). If we can’t meet face to face? we are connected via text, email, skype meetings too!)  



12 & 24 wk members save more!  You will get a custom FuelingYou journal, free product samples, discounted services, and exclusive invitations to bay area (other locations available too!) outdoor adventures during their program- Product samples  based upon manufacturer availability. 

Lifestyle solutions for busy Achievers

Tamra Engle FNS Fueling You Founder
Tamra’s Fueling you  programs provide education and a lifetime of experience as a active athlete, touring musician, business owner, and certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist.  Nutritional education became a priority after witnessing the effects of chronic illnesses, disease, and obesity due to the  quality, and amount of food in North American diets. Using  whole foods, nutrition, and fitness backed by studies and results. FuelingYou programs are taylored to your specific body composition to properly set attainable goals for your lifestyle to  improve  your health, performance, and  productivity.
Tamra Engle FNS is a certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist & founder of Fueling You™ who offers nutrition and lifestyle programs, and fitness retreats to individuals, teams, and organizations who choose to improve the balance in their health and relationships.

Tamra's Specialties


  • I.S.S.A. Certified  Fitness Nutrition Specialist
  • US touring /studio musician and performing songwriter
  • Grammy’s in 2008- nominating ballot- Best Contemporary Folk Album
  • Exec Operations Project Manager-
    Clients ranged from Start ups to fortune 15 sized business
  • Div 1 Track and field- 400m, 400m hurdles- lifetime weekend runnner 10k-marathons
  • Sponsored age-group triathlete- Olympic / 1/2 IM distances
 Top 10 finishes:    Escape from Alcatraz, UVAS, and Wildflower Triathlons.  (Where the "Fueling you™ nutrition was discovered)

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