Is it hot? or just me?

Do you wonder if you are going through Menopause?
As a women entering your 40's-50s your body begins to transition away from child bearing as  your menstrual flow stops.

Symptoms can include: 
hot flashes, sleep disruptions, depression, increased anxiety, osteoporosis risk, weight gain and decreased libido.
  Doesn't that sound like fun? 
 These symptoms can last for years even a decade as our bodies transition.

Reducing symptoms:

One of the best things you can do is:  
 be Physically active- If you do not currently have a fitness program get moving!  Walk briskly, take the stairs, park farther away if you drive.

Connect with a certified personal trainer who can help customize a program for your needs.
This will help your mood, depression, and associated cardiovascular risks. As well as give you others who understand what you are going through!
Add resistance training to your fitness program to help reduce Osteoporosis.

What else can you do?

In addition to having consistent physical fitness program try these solutions:

 Accupuncture:  A referral to a respected herbalist can be transformative. Through herbal medication and treatment to help reduce a variety of symptoms. Keep in mind that you must be consistent with your treatment for it to be effective.

Reduce your caffine and alcohol intake:  Some women opt to switch to herbal tea, or eliminate hot beverages, caffine, or alcohol if it  doesn't agree with them during this time. 

Fish Oil- Take a good quality fish oil capsule (6-10g/day)  to boost your Omega 3's

If sleep issues continue to be a problem try a pre-bed dose of Valerian (400mg), confirm with your doctor before taking any supplements to insure your nutrient- drug interaction is low.

Weight gain- Make sure you have a pro-exercise doctor, some medications cause unwanted weight gain, check to see what side effects your medications might have.

Need help with life transitions? Let's get you started on Fitness Nutrition program and start feeling better today!

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