Owner or a Victim

 In our home, we are often gifted books.  One book that we have had for quite some time that I just picked up is Re-inventing yourself by Steve Chandler I recommend you pick it up, it is a easy to take with you 200 pages that you can enjoy the benefits from immediately.

Today, I wanted to share a concept in the book that even Oprah applies to her success! I hope you find useful.

Some people use words to describe their life. Others use language to live the life they lead. Our mood is created by the language we “think” with. As you look over you life you see that you have always had two ways of being you were either an owner of your life, or the victim of circumstances.

Owners take full responsibility for their lives, even being responsible for their energy levels, they seem to tap into the essence of the “human spirit”
They are the “I can” personalities who are DOING things, and have an open mind, someone who is not afraid to find new ways to  learn.
Then, there is the victim.  A victim is someone who sees power as something beyond his or her self. A victim can give you every reason in the world why something cant be done, it is NEVER their fault, but somebody or something else that is “keeping them” from accomplishing what they want.  Their inflexibility keeps their world and view VERY small.

Our personalities and moods create habits that for better or worse, we pick up along the way.
 The good news is you can change habits when you are aware of them.
Make a list, write down how you respond to people you talk to during the day-
For example: if some one asks you how your day is, do you say-
“I can’t complain, it wouldn’t do any good any how”….   Or
“Awesome, thanks for asking!”
Can you see the difference?
Think about how you generally talk about yourself to others, look at the list you wrote down earlier if you realize that you tend to be more victim than owner?

Enjoy a fantastic week, and these words on being a owner  from Oprah


Remember, your attitude affects your altitude! 


Oprah Winfrey: Taking responsibility for your life: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dp_cmLfJZ1w

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