5 steps to preventing Type 2 diabetes

 [1 of a 5 part series]  w/ recipes!!

I wanted to share a couple of resource with you over the next few weeks to help you get your health back on track. 
We have lifestyle related diseases, like type two diabetes projected to affect 1 in 3 American's by 2050!!    
There are reports with over 18 years of data  from the US, China, and Finland  which shows very specific things women  can do to prevent having Type 2 diabetes or reverse a pre-diabetic condition.


STEP 1-   Tune up your diet-  Avoid the following foods:

Women who drink 1 or more sugary beverages a day have a 83% chance of developing diabetes!

There are many Milk alternatives- I am going to share a recipe that contains a more calorie dense option, that is super easy to make, AND will save you about $1.50- $1.80 on what your currently spending on a quart of milk!

FACTS: (about Almond / oat milk)
  • Filled with good quality calcium, vitamins and minerals Oat / almond milk is a great alternative in your morning granola or oats.  
  • No Cholestorol
  • Save $1.50-$1.80 per quart on your grocery bill   About $100 a year!!!
  • No Lactose,dairy  casin, or unwanted FAT to upset your system.

Experiment with different combo's of grains and nuts- I like oat based milks because it compliments my smoothies and breakfast foods, while having a creamy consistency.
  You can also add a scoop of unflavored greek yogurt to a cupful of oat milk to make a great buttermilk substitute for baking or cooking. 
 I save my small intake of dairy for cheese and a teaspoon of dairy milk to add to my coffee in the morning,  however, if you have a reaction to lactose, or casin this is a healthful alternative for you and your family  to try.  

Ingredients:  Buy items in the bulk isle of your grocery store for freshness and extra cost savings!
1 c whole oats 
1 c Almonds -roasted unsalted, 
1/2 c hemp seed (makes milk creamy)
1/2 c cashews (adds healthy fat, and creamy quality to milk)
1 vanilla bean cut in 1/2" pieces
Cheese cloth & sieve to drain

Blend all ingredients into a  Nutri-bullet, until you have oat  / nut flour-  pour "flour"- the added vanilla bean adds a sweetness to the milk that is really nice.  wrap it all  into a piece of cheese cloth, and  tie into a bundle,   and fill a two quart container with water, submerging the "ball" and let sit covered overnight.

The next morning pour 1/4- 1/2 the liquid and take two big scoops of soaked flour mixture and blend together into Nutri-Bullet until blended together. Don't forget to squeeze the "oat ball to get as much of the water out as possible.   Strain with the remaining liquid once again, into a pitcher or "milk container" that you will store in your fridge.    Remember, there are no emulsifying additives like lecithin to keep your milk from separating  so you will need to stir mixture together before using it.   Enjoy!

Tune in to the next 4 posts which will include another preventative step along with a fun new recipe  to help you avoid Type two diabetes.

If you are ready to join  the Fueling You team so you have more energy, motivation, and focus, let's talk, and help you reclaim your life!

Here's to your health!


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Hsph.Harvard.edu.nutritionsource/preventing diabetes
Buy a Nutri-Bullet:  www.nutribullet.com
Sugar in beverages:

Image of  sugar in energy drinks
(Special thanks to  Vermont & Rhode Island state health agencies.)

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