Metabolism Make over- women 40-60+

I have been talking a lot to folks about food and helping teams and individuals become aware of what and when they are putting food in their mouths, and how that food fuels their bodies: Busy Moms, Competitive Athletes, and Business Owners who all want to take the first step in achieving  balance to  feel  rested, energized and healthy.

Active lifestyles, just like anything else, take some TLC and maintenance to  be enjoyed fully!  Ladies, when we hit our 40's, 50's,60’s, we start to find that we are retaining fat, (sometimes in areas that we haven’t before). The fat burning parts of our metabolism, (mitocondria) start to s- l- o- w down as Estrogen levels drop 40-60%(1). We see we are losing muscle mass as testostorone levels also drop,  while some of us continue to eat with wild abandon. Some days we  tell ourselves “hey I worked out this morning, I can have a Carmel Macchiato!” (3) Before you dive in, consider your tall cup contains:
27 mg of cholestoral !
26g of sugar   (that is 6.5 teaspoons!)
5g saturated fat- which is  1/4 of your daily amount
120 mg sodium 
After you drink that,   the sugar slams into your system and the caffine buzz is gone while the sugar is stored in your body as extra body fat,
  BTW- if you consume a beverage like this  2x a week you are consuming  7.4 lbs of sugar a year! That is an extra 10 lbs to carry around with you.

Let me leave you ladies with some tips to help you boost your metabolism.

1. Eat Breakfast:  So many of us skip the most important meal. Start  your morning with a Nutribullet (4)  extraction  within a hour of waking up. (Join the food for fuel team and get 
easy to go recipes you will love!)

This is  a great recipe for the gal on the go, take a 1 cup scoop in a to-go container as breakfast or mid-day snack.

Over night Apricot Pecan Musli:   
1 cup oats
1 apple- grated
1 cup yogurt
1 cup oat milk
1/2 cup chopped pecans
1/2 cup sliced dried apricots
1/3 cup pumpkin seeds
1/3 cup dried cranberries
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp nutmeg

Combine all the ingredients and store in a sealed container in the fridge overnight. This will keep refrigerated for up to 3 days. If it's too thick the next day for your liking, just add a little more milk or yogurt. You can do this at any time. Feel free to use dried fruits, nuts and seeds (dried Cranberry, cherries, blue berries, sunflower, chia, hemp hearts, to name a few). Recipe courtesy of Hollyhock, from the cookbook Hollyhock Garden to Table.

  1. Resistance Exercise: Studies have proven that regular exercise reduces disease including cancer in post menopausal women. (2)    Exercise at least 5-7 hours a week. A certified exercise   fitness professional   can design a workout program to help you meet your fitness goals and counteract a slowing metabolism and loss of muscle mass.
  1. Spiritual Practice: Studies show that by having a spiritual practice, individuals generally have better coping skills,  can manage stressful situations, and observational research indicates that these individuals also seem to have lengthened life expectancies. (6)  If you are not currently practicing a form of metatative practice, try a local yoga class once or twice a week, to help stay balanced, stretched, and mentally relaxed. I like Vinyasa yoga (7) since it incorporates deep breathing with poses that compliment my athletic fitness program.

Remember 1,2,3 easy ways to feel better starting right now!   If you are ready to start your Food for fuel program, drop me an email, and let me and my network of fitness professionals  help you reach your goals to feel better.  Also, schedule your customized Nutrition and Fitness workshops  for you, or your team,  in locations around the world.

 Salud!   To your health!

(5)  Recipe courtesy of Hollyhock, from the cookbook Hollyhock Garden to Table.
(6)  Having a spiritual practice:
(7) Vinyasa

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