A Valentine (gift for your heart)

Sure candy is dandy, and flowers are fine, but if you are like me, you are looking for something that is a healthy, one of a kind gift, that you can gift for yourself, or for that special someone this Valentines Day- How about a gift that is actually GOOD for your heart!

Good health begins at the grocery store. 
When we eat food, we want food that  makes us feel our best, and  keep us healthy. 
Generally speaking,  we are fortunate enough  to live in communities where we have access to eat fresh, organic, food for the same price or even LESS than pre-packaged, processed options, (1)  yet studies shows many of the combinations of food that we grew up thinking was healthy is actually making us sick, even causing chronic illnesses! (2)

What if you had your own grocery tour?
·      Food for Fuel” nutrient dense foods selections and where to find them
·      Learn how to save money on house-hold  health care and grocery bills
·      Discover the secret  pathway in your local store
·      Locating Super-foods and non-traditional food items
·      Bargain Hunting
·      Understanding labels
Food for Fuel participants  also received a FREE “Food for Fuel”  starter pack to help you with some fresh ideas about how to shop, and what types of nutrient dense foods are best for you and your family.   You will go home with:
Food for Fuel shopping tour    (1 hr)  $40.00/ per person ( $10 savings!)


BONUS BUNDLE SAVINGS Add a   Food for Fuel cooking lesson w/ your shopping tour  and SAVE NOW!

Food for Fuel- Cooking lesson  Whether you are a beginner or an experienced cook interested in new techniques and fresh recipes, our Food for Fuel private lessons help you learn how to prepare a nutrient packed snacks for the week or daily meal, bring more fun and delicious whole food into your kitchen, and onto your table!

Private cooking class- $50 / hr*

Topics Include:
Leftover Love- Learn yummy, healthy ways to reinvent yesterday’s meals, into yummy on the go meals and snacks.
No more Trouble-Tummy-  learn how to restore your digestive health, and reduce or eliminate stomach trouble.
Balanced Blood Sugar-Which foods contribute to pre-diabetic/diabetic issues & easy ways to stabilize your blood sugar with your diet.
Snack Smart - Boost your energy and metabolism with the snacks that you will love.
Breakfast of Champions — Kick start your  energy, boost your metabolism  with whole food breakfasts.
Customize Your Own Class —We’re happy to customize classes for you or you or your family / team’s specific need-

select your class

About your nutrition guide:

Tamra Engle is a lifestyle strategist with over 25 years as an executive, fitness nutrition specialist, and performing artist. She offers workshops and private consultations to a wide range of creative clients utilizing a holistic approach to nutrition considering whole foods our best medicine.
 Whether working with a individual, coaches, or teams, Tamra assists creative minds with business and lifestyle planning, branding strategies, and defining target audiences to achieve their goals.

Other Experience:
     -     I.S.S.A. (International Sports Sciences Assoc.) Fitness Nutrition Specialist training
      -    Nationally touring-studio musician, performing artist (LA)
-       Grammy-nominating ballot for Best Contemporary Folk album-2008.
-       Sponsored Age Group Triathlete-
      (top 10 finishes, Escape from Alcatraz, Wildflower)
-       Business operations management- Allowing start up and Fortune 100 organizations exceed growth goals.
-       Tamra places high value on working with businesses dedicated to improving our communities, seeking lifestyle balance, and respecting our limited eco-systems.

Links to article references:
(1)Eating organic costs as much as eating processed food:
(2) what we are eating is making us sick: http://archinte.jamanetwork.com/article.aspx?articleid=1819573 
Shopping cartoon courtesy of:  newstarget.com
BERKELEY BOWL: www. Berkeleybowl.com

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