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Nothing can unravel all your good intentions about eating healthy like spending the day at airports, and eating airplane food!

During a recent coast to coast flight I missed out on the Polar Vortex, however, landed right in the middle of a nutritional vortex filled with processed wheat, sugar, and sugary-  caffinated beverages!
 Think about the last time you had a flight or travel scheduled for longer than 4 hours.  Do you remember feeling like crap afterward? or did you end up with a headache or get sick following your trip?

I gathered together the free snacks that I was offered during my recent SWA flight from Oakland to Florida.
I wish Southwest spent more attention on their travelers health as a  important part of their customer commitment. It is not asking  whether or not any airline should provide a snack? If a flight is 2 hours or longer they should!  There are reports that show that American's are living longer, but are sicker.
Sick people do not travel, which has a direct impact on SWA's or any airline's bottom line.
 Southwest Airlines is a partner with Nabisco, and  there is no surprise to find a ample supply of processed, wheat flour, sugar, and saturated fat on board your  Southwest or many other  Airlines flights.   All the food items provide filler, and quickly spike then crash your blood sugar,  which is a major contributor to leaving you feeling like crap and still  feeling hungry, so you ask for one more bag of Oreo's.

Here are a few tips to help you avoid the junk, and arrive at your destination feeling more refreshed than trashed.

Pack snacks:

You control what goes into your mouth,  if your trip is going take longer than 4 hours then a little preparation before-hand will go a long way to keep you healthy!
Here are a few quick tips:

I am always surprised how many people skip breakfast or lunch, saying "I'll get something at the airport"  Then eat a Cinnabon and large mocha latte for a meal.

HYDRATE: Avoid the sugary beverages, and power drinks.  When your running around airports, and from  plane to plane  you are sweating, panting, and slinging bags around which uses up lots of  liquid and energy .   Since 9/11 carrying large amounts of liquid through the TSA line isn't possible, but once you are checked through you can either  refill a empty 16 oz bottle I like to use my S'well bottle  or buy  a full bottle  to take on the plane with you- When the flight attendant comes by to take a beverage order, ask for water and no ice.  A good rule of thumb is: If your travel time will take  more than 4 hours you should try to consume 2- 16 oz bottles of water.  Say good-bye to your "travel head-ache"

WHOLE FRUIT:  Do you want to feel fuller longer?  Eat  seasonal whole fruit like apples, bananas, grapes, etc!  Seasonal fruit will help you enjoy a variety of flavors and vitamins while keeping hunger at bay! 


Carrots & Hummus: 1/4 c hummus with 4 carrot sticks  gives you five grams off filling fiber, meaning you wont go hungry for awhile!

Olives:  A favorite salty snack filled with heart heathy Omega 3 fats!  1 1/3 oz is a 100 calorie snack.

Edemame: Buy the non-GMO soybeans!  1/2 c shelled is one serving filled with folate-rich, some research shows Folate helps regulate mood variability.

Nut Butter & Honey Sandwich-  Use organic grain bread vs processed unbleached flour- and toss out your peanut butter, which is filled with allergens and is a high risk food for molds, which cause all kinds of unpleasant health side effects.  Buy nuts in the bulk section of your store and make your own!   
Directions: In your food processor  grind  up a combination of 1 cup unsalted roasted Cashews 1/4 c unsalted roasted almonds and  a couple of spoons of canned pumpkin, and you have your own organic nut spread that you can store in the fridge for snacks during the week or for travel:
2 slices of Organic bread,  1 tbsp nut butter 1 tsp local honey.  Wrap your sandwich up tightly  and you have a high energy snack filled with heart healthy fats, and including local honey uses local plant pollens  to help strengthen  your immune system!

Yogurt and Trail mix:   There are a confusing number of yogurts on the market, many of them have limited health benefits due to the abundance of added sugars.  Read the label of your yogurt, do not buy brands that have added high fructose corn syrup, or other added sugars, I like to recommend greek yogurt and add a handful of unsalted trail mix to it, for a great snack filled with pro-biotics, to keep your gut in good working order, and nuts, providing good fat, oil, and fiber.  

What are your favorite travel snacks? 
Are  you are looking forward to trying something new for your next trip?

Salud!   To your health!


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