Superbowl- Menu Plan

Superbowl!  A day traditionally filled with lots of beer, various potluck dishes- some awesome, some awesomely bad.   
Prepare many items ahead of time and serve them a quarter  at a time.   I promise you no one will go hungry, and people can then enjoy the dishes they are eating while rooting on their favorite
Bronco, or Seahawk!

Here is a fun  menu suggestion for a small group:

1st 1/2 of game:                                             
Kale Spinich bites                   
1/2 time:
Fried Pickles 
Carrots Sticks and Hummus                                                

2nd Half:    
 Grilled Bratwurst     
 Grilled Corn on the cob
  Apple Maple Slaw

Dessert:   Fruit Fondue!  

Recipe play by play:

1st 1/2:
Popcorn- A old standby that is a good grain- Get bagged. oil free, unsalted pre-popped corn and put in small bowls.
Kale Spinach Bites:  super easy make ahead ( freeze the night before)  

1/2 Time:
Fried Pickles- *Disclaimer- I would not consider this a "healthy" option, due to the frying , and  not something I would advise as a regular dining item.  I was urged to try this southern delicacy while on a recent trip to Florida, and fell in love with the tangy pickle and spicy sauce, it seemed a natural to share  it for a Superbowl party. Go for a brisk walk after the game, enjoy the guilty pleasure, if you can afford the hit of cholesterol!

2nd 1/2 of game: 
Grilled Bratwurst- Ask your store butcher for his ground bratwurst vs, the sodium packed pre-packaged varieties, Yes, you can taste the difference!  Soak them in a can of beer, or non alcohol beer over the stove on a very low heat before  placing on a very hot grill.  Grill strips in the dogs. Serve with a variety of spicy mustards, without  the buns! and junk calories!

Corn on the cob-  An old favorite, soak the peeled ears in salted water for :45 minutes 
Then rub the corn cobs with a even coating of  EVOO (extra virgin olive oil)  season with Salt and Pepper and Cumin-  before BBQ'ing on a hot grill.

Apple Maple Slaw: I like to mix up seasonal fruit and finely dice it to make a fruit slaw. You can make this dish up to 2 hours ahead, providing apples have been well prepared with lemon juice and the finished slaw is covered and refrigerated until served.

-Thinly slice apples with a mandolin, stack and slice pieces into thin match sticks.
- Toss apples into a medium sized metal mixing bowl
- Squeeze a lemon over the apples,    tossing the apples well (the citric acid keeps the apples from going brown)
-Add several handfuls of broken walnut pieces, sliced almonds, sliced strawberries, or dried cranberries, if strawberries are not available.
- Thinly slices several leaves of fresh basil and add them to the Fruit, nut mix.
- In a small cup stir in 1 tsp of balsamic vinegar, and 1 tbsp of maple syrup, stir together until the liquids are emulsified.
- stir into fruit, nut mixture, add cracked black pepper, cinnamon and a pinch of salt and toss until all the fruit is coated.

-You can make this dish a hour or two before you serve it, cover and refrigerate until serving.

Dessert:  (If you got room for something sweet after watching Bruno Mars!)

Fruit dipped in chocolate: 
In a double broiler heat up 4 squares of  85% chocolate appx 1/2 c almond milk  and stir  it up until it melts.

On a plate cut up spears of pinapple,  bananas, berries, to dunk in your melted chocolate.

Have fun with your Super-bowl menu!  Enjoy this 2014 ad reminding you that anything can happen!


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