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Still looking for a perfect last minute gift idea?   I love this gift because it is perfect for a student going away to school, busy family,  or a senior who feels like they don’t “need” to have one more thing gathering dust in the house!  

If you have visited your local farmers market you may be familur with seeing or hearing about C.S.A.- Community Supported Agriculture. CSA models vary throughout the country generally, farmers offer a limited number of ‘shares’ to the public. The shares are generally sold as “baskets or boxes of food or other farm products” You pay a monthly membership or subscription and get a weekly supply of organic fresh produce delivered to your door, saving you time, gas, and money!  Prices starting at $20!!!

Check out Local Harvest – simply type in your zip code and find local CSA farmers near you, Start by sending a box to your house, then ordering boxes for those “hard to buy for” on your year end holiday list all around the country

Each of us can reduce our packaging waste, when we pack our lunch every day, don't toss out baggies, use and re-use ABEEGO!  made from bee's wax!!!! 

 Tired of thinking up healthy menus for your family?
 Do you "not have time" to work out or eat right? 
 Are simply tired of always feeling tired and run down? 
 Training for a new season? event, or lots of business travel?

Gift yourself  a "Food for Fuel" make over, customized packages  or one time consultations tailored specific to your goals  whether it is a kitchen makeover , or menu revamp,  grocery shopping savings tour, or getting a "tune up" to maximize delicious meals that help you reclaim your health, balance and happiness.  Email for pricing information!

Here's to your health!

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