Holiday gifting ideas

 At the end of the year it  feels like a endless cycle of digging out dishes, and decorations for one fall holiday to the next!  No wonder we collapse on New Years day!
It makes it pretty clear that we tend to overdo it a bit when it comes to gathering more things we 'must have'. To justify the guilt we sort through our closets and garages and bag up and donate things that haven't seen the light of day in at least 6 months to make room for "more stuff"! 
I wanted to put together a short list of awesome lifestyle gifts that I have been given which have made a huge difference in our lives.  I loved them so much I wanted to share my special list with you-  If you have a active lifestyle, these are great gifts you will love!

Nutri-bullet- Before you think to yourself  " I have a blender"  This compact extractor is under $100, (buy online for the best deals). has a whopping 600 watt motor and 3 drink cups.  It is a work horse that has 100s of uses in the kitchen, and a cult like following!   The perfect  gift for the anyone who has a busy life and wants to have more energy.   Packed with recipes, and EASY to follow tips. Follow the guide and in  2 weeks you will feel transformed!  

Blue Water Ventures:  A perfect gift for the adventurer, Kim Powell is a naturalist that leads educational adventures for students and adults in amazing locations like coastal California, Baja, Belieze, Micronesia, Florida, the Carribean. She is based out of the SF bay area, you can call to book your own private adventure, it is amazing gift you will want to give year after year.

Love to read?

Recess Rules:  Written by the inspirational Jill Vialet Founder of Playworks, who's new literary work supports the organizational mission "we believe in the power of play to bring out the best in every kid"  buy several copies, everyone should have a angel to remind us how important it is to play!

Quinoa365 Looking for quick and easy new recipes? You  might wonder how healthy chocolate crepes are? Lots of timesaving recipes from infants to adults.

The Agony and the Ecstasy: Written by Irving Stone in the 1960s this book is a must have for the artists in your life. Based upon the translation of over 400 of Michelangelo's letters, you get to travel into the world of one of the worlds greatest artists, and his tumultuous creative process that led to creating some of the most important creative works of our time.  

Fuel for success:
 Tired of thinking up healthy menus for your family?
 Do you "not have time" to work out or eat right? 
 Are simply tired of always feeling tired and run down? 
 Training for a new season? event, or lots of business travel?

Gift yourself  a "Food for Fuel" make over, customized packages  or one time consultations tailored specific to your goals  whether it is a kitchen, or menu revamp,  grocery shopping savings tour, or getting a "tune up" to maximize delicious meals that help you reclaim your health, balance and happiness.  Email for pricing information!

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