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Eating really ‘great for you’ foods through the holidays doesn’t have to be challenge.

But, if you find you have had  too many of Bubbies fritters for Chanukah, or you are eating pumpkin pie with whipped cream and coffee for breakfast, it may  be time to  push away from the table.

Repairing damage:

You may have heard how great antioxidants are for you?  Vitamin's E and C are a power team which act as our bodies' defense mechanism to fight off free radicals which  damage our cells and tissues.   Over exposure to free radicals over time can lead to a variety of chronic diseases like Cancer, Heart, Parkinson’s & Alzheimer’s diseases.

Here are a couple of quick free radical  blasting recipes that will help you feel energized as  you motor through the day and your  year end festivities. Blend all the following ingredients in Juicer / NutriBullet for a delicious morning or mid day beverage:

Toxin Blast Smoothy:
1-2 handfuls rinsed spinach
1 cored Pear
1 banana
1 cored apple
1 cup chopped pineapple
Coconut water

You may have already enjoyed fruit frescas in your local Taqueria. It is a yummy option to artificially sweetened beverages that you will love.

Watermelon Fresca:
3 cups diced seedless watermelon
2 tbsp lime juice
1 cup crushed ice
1/2 cup cocanut (or plain) water

Blend all ingredients in blender for a 48 calorie drink that is packed with  137 mg of potassium, Vitamin A & C !   The Lycopene that turns tomatoes and watermelons red, is known to protect against prostate and breast cancers while boosting your body's immune system.

Fuel for success:
 Tired of thinking up healthy menus for your family?
 Do you "not have time" to work out or eat right? 
 Are simply tired of always feeling tired and run down? 

Gift yourself or a loved one a "Food for Fuel" make over, customized packages  or one time consultations tailored specific to your goals  whether it is a kitchen, or menu revamp,  grocery shopping savings tour, or getting a "tune up" to maximize delicious meals that help you reclaim your health, balance and happiness.  Email for pricing information!

Salud! Here's to your health!


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