Tennis game day nutrition

On the day of a tennis tournament you can plan on doing thousands of little sprints- generally in warm or hot weather. 

These repeated short bursts of intense energy and heat make repeated withdrawals on your body, taxing and dehydrating cells muscles and organs.   During these high intensity competition and training days, it is essential to keep your body properly fueled and hydrated throughout the day to perform your best.

A Word about Sugar:
Sugar in its cane form has been part of our lives for about 10,000 years!
The four sugars that appear in your food are:
sucrose  (Table Sugar) fructose (appearing naturally in fruits), corn sugars (dextrose and high-fructose corn syrup, or HFCS) other sugars you will find include agave, maple syrup and honey.
In our industrialized world we are surrounded by sugar. In our lifetimes food manufacturers have taken the fats out of many foods which appeals to weight conscience consumers.  What they don’t tell you is that when fat is removed from foods flavor is lost.  The food industry discovered a great inexpensive way to boost the flavor- by adding  High fructose corn sugars to our foods!

Look at the facts:
2012:  Americans consume on average 22.7 teaspoons of sugar a day!!!
11.6 tsp in coffee/tea/ baking sugar 8.2 tsp in HFCS 3 tsp in other sugars
1970- American’s consumed 33 calories from sugar
In  2011 American’s consumed 363 calories per day from sugar
1973- 4.2 million Americans (2% of the pop) were diagnosed w/ diabetes
2010- 22.1 million Americans (7% of the pop) were diagnosed w/ diabetes

Next time you are in the market, look at the labels of things you buy, and you will see a list of ingredients that you can barely pronounce. 
Choose the canned items that feature ONLY the item canned and water. Other additives like added dextrose or sucrose that you find in many popular commercial brands convert the consumed sugars into triglycerides which is stored in your liver as fat.
 Over time the added sugars begin to take a toll on your liver, and you see signs of it ceasing to function properly.  Early warning signs include weight gain,  and when left unattended this condition will evolve into elevated blood sugars, diabetes and high blood pressure, putting you at risk for stroke and other life limiting chronic conditions.

Game Day Nutrition:

On the days of a big match it is important to eat small well-balanced meals the week before a day of competition to have your fuel tank filled with good fruits, veggies, and lean proteins.
On the day of competition your 2 nutritional priorities are:

1)    Staying hydrated- Replace any fluids lost during the match
2)    Replacing any energy (carbohydrate reserves), which has been depleted.

Hydration:   You need to drink 20-24 oz of water per pound of water weight lost. Make your own electrolyte rebalancing beverages that are easy on the digestive system, without added processed sugars that can cause an upset tummy, while keeping you at the top of your game!

DRINK OPTIONS:                During competition 

Zico Coconut water:   the same electrolyte balance as humans, with more potassium than a banana!

Lemonade twist:
                     2 c water
                    1/2 orange juiced
                     2 tbsp fresh lemon juice
                     2 tbsp fresh lime juice
                    1/2 tsp Himalayan rock salt*
(*much higher electrolyte replacement than other salts)

“Beet” the competition recovery juice:
 Drink this juice w/in :30 min. of completing competition to speed muscle recovery.

Fresh juices are a great source of concentrated quickly absorbed vital nutrients without processed sugar and a lot of bulk (peeling the vegetables will reduce the bitterness and make the pulp more useable to blend into sauces later). Fresh beets are filled with muscle recovering anti-oxidents that refuel your brain heart and body while keeping healthy liver function!

3 medium beets peeled
+ 1 apple cored
+ 4 medium carrots
(Other options include adding  1/4 fresh pineapple, 1 c chopped kale,1/3 fresh parsley, 
 1 c celery)  

63cal per serving 15g carbohydrates

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    If your not happy with how you feel and how you eat day to day, I can help you learn some easy food habits with  easy to prepare meals that  that will help you and your family stay healthy, improve energy, concentration to be your best every day!

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