Garden Re-use

The past few years spring and summer temperatures in the San Francisco bay area which Sunset magazine calls a coastal zone 7 climate, have been cooler than ever.  
Our garden tomatoes simply do not want to grow like they do in our warmer inland climates,  
I have tried containers, and the fog descends like death eaters in the night  leaving a  handful of scrawny little cherry tomatoes, that no respecting house- elf  would  bring into the house.
6'x9' cold frame

 You know when you cannot have something you used to have, you want it even more!?  Well, I was bound and determined to HAVE  a bounty of tomatoes!!!
Frame of seeding bench
A green house seemed excessive, and doing nothing clearly wasn't working, So I started looking at cold frames on the internet, and realized we had enough scrap wood left over from other home project that we could build a cold frame, 

AND my partner decided to build me  a garden seeding bench! Here are a few picture of our results, 

Two weeks after our afternoon construction projects were completed, we are excited to have  have seedling veggies and herbs which.  I hope to share news of a robust tomatoe harvest sometime soon!

What things have you re-purposed around the house to create something that your or someone else enjoys? 
What things can we creatively reuse on a larger scale to help our communities?

I look forward to seeing your pictures !

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